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Shadowbox Module Backported to Drupal 5

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A lot of people have been eager for a Drupal 5 version of Shadowbox so I thought I'd spread the word that there is now a Shadowbox 5.x-1.x-dev version available! You can download it from the Shadowbox project page.

There were originally problems getting Shadowbox to work with earlier version of jquery_update but those issues have now been solved thanks to the jquery_update maintainers. The Shadowbox 5.x module depends on jquery_update 5.x-2.x-dev with a minimum release date of 2008-May-31.

Some may ask why there isn't an official release available for Shadowbox so I'll explain. The functionality of the module is very basic at the moment, you have to inject the rel attribute into the theme layer manually. Stella Power posted a great article entitled Drupal “Lightbox” Type Module Comparsion. In her comparison Stella notes that Shadowbox doesn't yet integrate with any other Drupal modules, therefore it wouldn't be right to say Shadowbox is at 1.0 just yet. The plan for the future is to integrate with other modules as tightly as Lightbox2 and Thickbox modules do (priorities include imagefield, imagecache, image).

So the crux of the matter is, We're happy to use Shadowbox in a production environment even though the module is still in development status. At this early stage the module needs testing by the community, so if you find any bugs be sure to report them in the issue queue.

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latest Shadowbox release...

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As of Feb 16th 2009 the latest version of Shadowbox has been released and it come far from its roots only a short time ago . Enjoy the latest updates and all you can do with it. The download can be found at http:// drupal.org/project/shadowbox if you care to give it a try.

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