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New Horizons and Leaving Examiner.com

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It is with great sadness that, on the 15th of June, I will be officially leaving Examiner.com. It has been a hugely enjoyable experience working with some of the most talented people around, including many of the top names in the Drupal community.

I have grown immensely and learnt an incredible amount from everyone during my time at Examiner. I found myself scaling and helping to maintain the highest traffic Drupal site in the US. I improved my ability to collaborate in a large geographically diverse team. I was coding on a much lower level than I had previously been exposed to.

I'd like to sincerely thank everyone that I've had the pleasure of working with during my 2 year tenure - it has been a hell of a ride and I love you all very much.

Personal highlights and achievements from my time at Examiner include:

  • Helping to launch one of the biggest Drupal 7 sites - 6 months before Drupal 7 was released.
  • Working on a top 100 ranked website in the US.
  • Being the main frontend developer for the biggest Drupal mobile site in the US - the 25th biggest mobile site as measured by Quantcast at the time of writing.

My current skillset includes:

  • Highly-experienced hybrid Drupal developer/themer with a Certified to Rock score of 7.
  • Great eye for design (although I'm not a designer by trade).
  • Dedicated, hard-working, and very passionate about software.
  • Experience of Linux administration and hosting.

I'm currently looking for my next big challenge so if you're hiring, get in touch!

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What's happened/happening to

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What's happened/happening to Freestyle Systems?

Posted by budda
4 years 10 weeks ago

With Every Door Closed

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... A new one opens. I am certain that your next challenge(s) will be awesome. It has been my distinctive pleasure and joy to have shared the Examiner experience with you over the last couple of years. Thank you for everything!

Posted by Matthew Saunders
4 years 10 weeks ago

No change

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Freestyle Systems is still operating as it has for the past 2 years. We have a couple of exceptional Drupal developers working for us. Let me know if you have any work us, Mike. :)

Posted by psynaptic
4 years 10 weeks ago

Thanks Matthew

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It's really sad that our team is dispersing but I'm sure there are exciting things around the corner.

Posted by psynaptic
4 years 10 weeks ago

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