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Hide Drupal Help Messages Using jQuery

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The help text of Drupal usually appears in the top part of the content area on admin pages and provides help for administrative users who may need guidance on how to use the functions available on that particular page. Once you become more experienced with Drupal you rarely need to see this information and it can get in the way of developing and administering a Drupal site.

An good example of this is the Blocks configuration page found at Administer > Site building > Blocks (admin/build/block), as seen in the screenshot below:

Of course, we could very easily remove the help altogether but that's not very user-friendly.

My solution is to use a bit of jQuery to attach a link for showing/hiding the help text. Here's a screenshot showing the help collapsed:

Clicking on the "View help" link toggles the help in and out of view.

If you know how to add a JavaScript file to your theme here's the code:

Drupal.behaviors.collapse_help = function (context) {
  $(".help").before('<a class="help-slide" href="#">View help</a>');
  $(".help").wrap('<div class="wrap"></div>');
  var height = $('.wrap').height();
  $('a.help-slide').click(function() {
    $('.wrap').css('height', height);
    return false;

If you need instructions on how to add a JavaScript file to your theme, see Adding a JavaScript File to a Drupal Theme.

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Help is in the wrong place

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I always move the php for printing the help to the bottom of the page in page.tpl.php.

Hopefully the new Help system will get in soon (http://drupal.org/node/299050), then we can start working on removing the help text from the admin UI, into a dedicated pop-up window. I would hope the help-link that opens this pop-up will be located *below* the main ui too.

Posted by roy
7 years 30 weeks ago

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