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Joining the Drupal Gardens team at Acquia

After a gruelling but hugely enjoyable interview process, I can now announce that I'm joining the Drupal Gardens team at Acquia as a Senior Software Engineer.

I'm extremely excited to be working on such a complex system, helping to solve tough problems, and with some of the smartest people in the Drupal community.

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New Horizons and Leaving Examiner.com

It is with great sadness that, on the 15th of June, I will be officially leaving Examiner.com. It has been a hugely enjoyable experience working with some of the most talented people around, including many of the top names in the Drupal community.

I have grown immensely and learnt an incredible amount from everyone during my time at Examiner. I found myself scaling and helping to maintain the highest traffic Drupal site in the US. I improved my ability to collaborate in a large geographically diverse team.

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Drupal 7 Camp Wrap Up

Over the weekend I attended Drupal 7 Camp UK in Leeds. I wanted to post a brief wrap up of some of my experiences of the event, so here it is!

The event was scheduled at the same time as Drupal Camp Edinburgh so the UK Drupal community was split over 2 events. I personally would have preferred the events to be on different weekends, as I really wanted to attend both events!

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Migrating Development of a TextMate Bundle to GitHub

Development of TextMate bundles has recently migrated from svn to git but since the PHP Drupal bundle is still in Review status it wasn't migrated with the other bundles.

These instructions are intended for bundle maintainers in the same situation to ease the process of migrating your TextMate bundles to GitHub.

Let's get started...

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